Why HCG?

Americans are overweight

diet-scale-110125-02According to a recent report by Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation two-thirds of adults and nearly one-third of children and teens are currently overweight. The report, which covered 28 states, including Florida, recognized that only one state reported a decline and it was not the sunshine coast!

In the last 30 years the level of obesity has doubled in the United States but being overweight may not be entirely your fault. Changes in American society over the last few decades make it more difficult for women, men, children and families to eat healthy foods and remain physically active.

Further, if you are currently overweight, the study found that this might be linked to the region or area you live in. Factors such as income, access to facilities and education, may all play a role in your current physical condition.

Florida, for instance, was named the 36th most obese state in the United States. The report concluded that men were more obese than women at roughly 28%. More than 2/3 of states report adult obesity rates over 25 percent.

At a national level, evidence suggests one in every three women is currently overweight. This has serious consequences including low self-esteem, coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, high cholesterol and risk of cancer, including but not restricted to, breast cancer.

The conclusions above confirm that American needs extra help, guidance and customized tools to exercise this dictum and lose weight (and then keep it off.)

This is why we created our customized HCG assisted weight loss program for South Floridians.

History of HCG

One of the tools being adopted by medical community to combat obesity is a pregnancy hormone called HCG. A.T.W. Simeons, M.D. in the early 1950’s, first noted it as an aid in losing weight.

Medically administered HCG injections, combined with a sensible low-calorie diet plan, produced tangible weight loss in the patients he was studying.

In the last decade there has been renewed interest in the hormone, which appears to offer dramatic ways to combat obesity. Substantial weight loss has been reported in many studies.

Addressing controversies

The use of the drug has become a flashpoint in the medical community with a number of evangelists and detractors on both sides of the spectrum. Many claim the drug is ineffective and produces inconclusive results which, when positive, are largely the result of the diet plan.

However, this picture is obscured by the fact that many companies, especially over the Internet, obtain their HCG from foreign sources, sometimes nonhuman, or facilities that are not properly licensed or undergo regular inspections. Lots of people based the conclusion on the totally phony drops being sold on places like Ebay and Craigslist.

My HCG Program guarantees that our HCG comes is derived from isolated and sterile human sources and prepared from by a highly regarded, FDA approved pharmacy here in the United States.

Many will attempt to purchase HCG without a prescription from these questionable vendors, which will of course produce no tangible result and are lacking the real information needed.

You can rest assured that any HCG you receive from us will be prescribed by our Medical Director and RN who will help design a custom weight loss program based on your current condition.

Further, many earlier weight loss programs did not use an integrated approach to implementing HCG injections, which may explain why results differs across the United States.

New Evidence

My HCG Program has studied the limitations in earlier weight loss programs and pivoted its entire program around the concept of medically supervised weight loss. This means we have a Medical Doctor or nurse on-site who assists in examining your present condition. Your Medical staff and counselors will determine the most appropriate route of administering HCG and the dose needed

It is VERY wrong to follow the severe 500-calorie diet imposed by earlier weight loss programs from the 1950’s. This starvation diet, while sometimes effective, is not the modern route we follow. Anyone that offers the 500 calorie diet is not up to date on HCG at all.

Instead, we use a customized proprietary program that it customized to your physical condition. Caloric intake typically varies between 750 to 1000 calories per day and many enjoy our delicious diet suggestions and tricks to keep weight off..

Solid Results

The number 1 question prospective patients ask us is how much weight we they will lose and how quickly.

Every person is an individual and your diet must be approached like that. Typically, those who follow our program will report at least a half-pound loss per day and as sometimes as much as a pound or more depending on your body type, how much weight you have to begin with and your commitment to the program. We look for a 3/4ths of a pound per day average.

The speed of weight loss may be accelerated by vegetable intakes and mixing salads with each meal. Fiber, along with water intake, helps fuel the process.  Certain supplements also assist in the processing of fats.

Our program is designed to help you lose and not muscle. And, to stay that way for life!

You will receive a complete set of documents to review our four-phase program to losing weight using a HCG assisted medically supervised diet plan.

Remember that HCG has not been approved by the FDA for diet use.  This will all be explained to you during your consultation.


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