My HCG Program has Two Options

During your interview process we will use the information you give us about your challenges and behavior to offer you two approaches to the HCG program that we feel will work best for you. Both of these programs work.

These HCG Program options are for your
consideration and final decision:

First there is the original Bodyology Center “HCG Assisted Diet” protocol that we have shared with our clients for over seven years here in Hollywood. This protocol is dramatically different than the original Simeons protocols of the early 1960’s. Simeon’s early protocol is out of date and should not be followed without many of the modifications that have evolved over time. It is the same as how our bodies and food processing have evolved in the last 60 years since the original diet was created.

We have created a very detailed HCG Assisted Diet protocol using information and products from the most trusted HCG Assisted Diet sources available. In our opinion they are based on modern and current logic and information about weight loss using HCG to assist a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) or a Low Calorie Diet (LCD).

We have found one particular protocol that is available to you that contains most of the thinking used in our original Bodyology Center protocol. The original My HCG Program protocol is more demanding than the second option of strict adherence to the HCG Assisted Diet. The second option is longer term thinking and actions for optimal health. This option is for individuals that have strong discipline. Since there was so much information that was the same in both the Russell and Bodyology programs we have merged much of this information together and generated a hybrid of both programs using the best elements of both and adding the conversion to the Paleo Diet for maintenance to form your program.