Our 60 day HCG Assisted Diet Program Total All-Inclusive Cost is $550

Your program is tailored to your desired weight loss as an individual. You must be realistic in your goal. Your daily weight loss average depends upon your starting weight, your weight loss goal and how much fat you have available to lose safely.

Our 60 Day Program

6000 units HCG for 60 dayly injections and 20 Vitamin B-12 Injections. (Includes all supplies and instructions needed to succeed).

Recommended for weight loss above 30 pounds.

HCG Assisted Diet
Note: If you are 15 pounds or more overweight and have an accumulation of fat in the belly you are most likely suffering from Leptin Resistance. Until this is corrected you will have a very hard time keeping weight off. We have added Leptin Correction to your program. This is the key to your permanent success and it’s included.


We do not sell any pharmaceutical products on this website or at our business location you will get everything you need to succeed at our office including your prescriptions.

After your application is submitted to our State Licensed Health Care Clinic and the Doctors approval is obtained, you will be taking part in a highly modernized diet protocol. Using a combination of legal Hormone injections for Phases 1 and 2 and then convert to the Paleo/Primal protocol to correct you probable Leptin Resistance or L Carnitine deficiency for the Phase 3 maintenance. But don’t forget the Phase 4 that no one tells you about.  We will tell you about it during your consultation.  You cannot skip phase 4.