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“Changing behavior is not as simple as having strong will power and it rarely happens overnight. It requires a concerted sustained effort between patient and practitioner to re-shape the behavior” Gary Levine, HCG Results Owner

Our 4-phase HCG program explained…

The mission statement of our HCG assisted diet medical team is to aggressively help you lose weight in the quickest manner possible using scientific, medical methods and years of HCG use to help you achieve your goals.

You may find that previous HCG diet plans you have researched or tried did not appear to offer a tangible plan to fighting your obesity. Perhaps they were vague and ineffective.

Our approach is completely different and stresses that your self-control and dedication to the program are the keys to achieve results. It’s based on a proprietary four-phase program that will get you results during the 40 days of your diet.  Naturally this is depending on your current physical condition and discipline.

Who should try this program?

Literally tens of thousands of overweight and obese patients have benefitted from this program over the last few years and we guarantee it can dramatically change your life if you do your part.

You must be mentally prepared and have a strong desire to reach your weight loss goals.

After you have completed our physician-assisted weight loss program you will experience powerful positive emotions that offer a new type of relationship with your body.

There is no reason that you cannot enjoy a life of slimness once you finished our four-phase HCG diet program.  We are one of a very few Diet Centers that has the fourth stage of the HCG assisted diet.


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About our Hollywood, FL, HCG Weight Loss Program

Just a reminder that our Hollywood HCG Weight Loss Clinic is open for business in Broward County.

We service surrounding locations including Pembroke Pines, Aventura, Sunrise, Hallandale, Fort Lauderdale and parts of Miami.

We source our HCG from FDA-approved pharmacies only. Our Hollywood HCG diet plans are medically supervised and will provide results in as little as 23 days.

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