It’s a Simple Choice: Weight Training or Cardio

OK. It’s not a simple choice, but an important one. A recent artcle on highlights the two forms of exercise Which is better for weight loss? Strength training. While you burn only up to 10 calories per minute lifting weights, compared with as many as 12 for cardio, you continue torching calories after you put those dumbbells down. “When you […]

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Going for the ‘low-fat’ option may not be the best idea

A recent article on the UK’s Independent website by Olivia Blair provides Seven common weight loss myths Skipping Meals: Shunning meals doesn’t mean results, and skipping breakfast has actually been linked to obesity. Monika Siemicka, from the British Dietetic Association advises skipping meals is bad for two reasons. Firstly, if you skip a meal, you’re hungrier at the next meal so more […]

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Elderberries for a younger you?

Carl Thompson is a health and medical journalist, and research writer for IPRONA, an international company dealing with fruit processing and marketing. Recently, he wrote an article for Huffington Post Canada, in which he covers the benefits of Elderberries, and how they can help with weight-loss. Effective, safe weight loss is about more than dieting. It’s about maintaining a healthy lifestyle: […]

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4 smart ways to avoid unhealthy eating while traveling


No one wants to come home from vacation packing extra pounds in addition to great souvenirs and fond memories. Yet even the most dedicated, healthy eater can find it difficult to maintain good dietary habits while traveling. New surroundings, new cuisines, a need for convenience and all that appetite-building activity can tempt you into making poor dining choices. Nevertheless, it […]

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Grilled Chicken Cutlets With Summer Succotash


Grilled Chicken Cutlets With Summer Succotash View Recipe Video: Grilled Chicken Cutlets With Summer Succotash Video Be sure to visit Bodyology Center located at 1915 Hollywood Blvd Suite 100 or call 954-929-7670. If you aren’t local, visit HCG Assisted Diet online at or call toll free 844-929-7670 to start your HCG weight loss journey. You can also email us […]

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33% of all adults are now obese. Are you one of them?

HCG weight loss and obesity graphic

Extreme obesity costs the United States $150 billion per year or roughly 10% of our total U.S. costs. Nearly 33% of all adults are now labeled obese. In children this statistic is 1 in 6. It can even cause death. HCG Weight Loss programs offered by our clinic in the Aventura, Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, Fort Lauderdale and Sunny Isles zones […]

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HCG Dangers Targeted by FDA: What you need to know!


The graph above shows us just how much attention HCG has been getting in the worldwide media and by Internet searchers. This statistical insight from Google is being driven by a hunger for more information on how the HCG diet can help patients lose weight quickly. But, in the last 12 months this statistic has been supplemented with an additional […]

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