Beware Of This Before Starting HCG

Beware of the following when choosing your HCG provider:

  • HCG is a prescription pharmaceutical. If there is no prescription it is not genuine.
  • Anyone offering the original 500 diet program. It is old news and unsafe.
  • Pre filled syringes. You have no idea the age of the product, who filled the syringes, where it came from and conditions the filling took place.
  • Any program over 30 days with the HCG in one vial. HCG vials have expiration dates. A single vial of HCG will weaken for diets over 30 days.
  • Any homeopathic HCG. You cannot make a homeopathic hormone.
  • Facilities that are not medically supervised and properly licensed. Be sure to ask the name of the Doctor.
  • Foreign mail order HCG products are against the law and for good reasons. Some are made with animal products instead of Human HCG hormones.
  • Pharmaceutical HCG drops and tablets or HCG pills do work but cannot guarantee getting the 200IU into your system. They are more expensive and require an additional 150% of HCG and more rigid adherence to instructions.