Dr oz and Oprah discuss diets

Dr. Oz and the HCG diet controversy

What happens when you get a two-time Emmy Award-winning host talking about HCG diet plans & weight loss? Answer: You get an unprecedented spike in media attention since obesity now kills over 300,000 Americans per year.

If you have yet not heard of Dr. Oz you may have been vacationing on the Soyuz space station. We mean that nicely!

Dr Oz is one of the biggest names in health care having authored over 400 books and performed more than 100 heart surgeries.

But over the last several months his comments on HCG diet programs have been circling the web in the form of viral videos and online commentary.

His website now has dozens of articles on HCG weight loss, including videos, q & a and other facts about this diet plan which is not without controversy.

It has almost reached a point where many visitors to HCG Clinics near Aventura,Sunny Isles, Hallandale, Pembroke Pines and Hollywood have started their research by FIRST watching a Dr. Oz video or reviewing his conclusions.

HCG Weight Loss: Miracle or Dangerous Hype?

Dr. Oz has kept interest burning in this subject through his series of HCG articles and videos categorized under the broad theme ‘HCG weight loss: Miracle cure or dangerous hype’.

Interestingly, Dr. Oz does not completely slam the diet. He does note it can be effective in certain body types but lists the caveats and potential side affects.

For instance, one of his recent HCG blog articles asks the question:

Which of the below statements is true about the hCG diet?

  • You can lose 30 pounds in one month.
  • Many dieters swear by it.
  • The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) calls hCG supplements illegal and fraudulent

“What’s remarkable is that all these above statements are true,” said Dr. Oz.

Imagine losing a pound a day and never feeling hungry. Those that have had success with it believe it’s the long-awaited miracle cure for weight…

In one of his recent videos he asks two studio guests what side effects developed from trying out the HCG weight loss program.

They mentioned: Mood swings, hair loss, and periods were affected. One of the participants said that these effects would differ depending on the body type. “Each person is different,” she said.


Dr. Oz also brought up the problems with buying HCG from non-FDA approved pharmacies. Generally, Dr. Oz, as do other experts such as Dr Peter Cohen, conclude that there is no magic HCG diet weight loss pill (or injection). Or, any weight loss program for that matter!

Further, having an onsite medical doctor supervising the program is a much smarter and safer way to get results from HCG dieting, whether by drops or by injection.

Finally, as with any weight loss system, your diet or weight loss goals do not stop when you leave a program. Further guidance and support is needed to motivate patients and ensure they stay on track. Coaching patients on a psychological and emotional level should be a key tenant of any sustainable weight loss program.

We also advocate the importance of eating healthy and following a balanced diet. You will find guidelines to good vs. bad foods on this site including additional information in our Getting Started diet.

City councils in Hollywood, Aventura, Sunny Isles, Fort Lauderdale, Hallandale and Pembroke Pines are all implementing resolutions to help combat the rise in obesity in their cities which has seen Florida rise to the 28th most obese state in the nation.

We believe a sensible diet plan combined with HCG injections or drops can help stimulate weight loss and lead to a healthier body; especially in the cities mentioned above. We commend Dr. Oz for making HCG a national topic but also feel he should distinguish between suspect weight loss programs and those that strive to deliver sustainable results to overweight or obese Americans, in a healthy manner.